Revenue Builder

Strengthen your brand reputation and drive revenue on auto-pilot.

The Revenue Builder program is designed for brands that are new to marketing automation and need help building an efficient revenue engine.

Find your tribe
and plot their journey.

The first step to driving revenue is knowing who your ideal clients are and how they go about finding the solutions that you offer.

The Revenue Builder helps you define your buyer personas and helps you streamline your buyer journeys to make client interactions with your brand effortless. The program is a managed lead nurturing and marketing automation service and includes a license to the powerful SharpSpring CRM & Automation platform.

Buyer Personas

Touchpoint Maps

Managed CRM


SharpSpring CRM

Deliver the right message at the right time.

The positive feelings that people have about your brand often comes down to effective communication. Keeping your prospects informed and educated in every step of your process is a great way to uphold exceptional levels of customer service.

By defining your buyer personas and unpacking your buyer journeys, the Revenue Builder program will help you deliver the right messages to your prospects at exactly the right time.

By levering best-in-class marketing automation strategies, you will know who visited your website, which of your offers they showed an interest in and even be notified when they’re ready to buy.

Experience the magic of automation.

Building an effective revenue engine is time consuming and much harder to get right when you’re trying to do it manually. Posting relevant content on your social feeds, sending follow-up emails and simultaneously managing the intricacies of the sales process can quickly become a recipe for overload.

By automating repetitive tasks and following a scalable plan, you will not only win back time, but you’ll be empowered to measure your progress with pin-point accuracy, allowing you to allocate marketing spend where it matters most.

If you’re new to marketing automation and curious about its benefits for your business, fill out the form today and we’ll let you experience the magic for yourself – right from within your inbox!